Top 5 romantic movies of all times

As the Valentine’s Day is approaching, many of you might be thinking of seeing some romantic movies to get in the mood. Here are the top most romantic movies of all times.

1. Love Actually

This movie was released in 2003 starring Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Kiera Knightley and Liam Neeson. The plot involves lives of eight different couples who are dealing with their love lives.

2. The Notebook

This very successful movie was released in 2004 starring Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. The story is about a young man who falls in love with a rich woman. It is a movie you will fall in love with.

3. Pretty Woman

It is a tale of a millionaire falling in love with a prostitute. It is known as a modern prince and princess’ tale. The leading actors are Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. You will feel like watching the movie again and again.

4. Dirty Dancing

It is a dance classic from 1987. It is the love story of a summer camp dance instructor Johnny Castle and Frances Houseman. It stars Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. The movie has lots of dancing and fashion element in it.

5. Notting Hill

This film was released in 1999 and was a huge hit. It starred Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. The story shows a class between social status and how it affects a relationship. It is a love story of a mega movie star with a simple bookshop owner.
All these movies have been blockbuster hits. People of all ages loved them. They are still being watched again and again, and that’s why they are in the list of the top romantic movies of all times.