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4 Reasons why women like romantic movies

Romantic movies have always been liked by women. Even now whenever a romantic movie gets released, women rush to the theaters to watch it. Here are four reasons why they like romantic movies so much.

They can get in touch with their emotions

Women are emotional by nature. They often display their emotions when the situation comes. Watching romantic movies are a great way to express their emotions. They laugh and cry watching people fall in love and getting separated. They love the whole emotional journey.

They prefer watching romance on screens than reading romantic novels

Women are busy today. They hardly get the time to read a thick romantic novel. They rather prefer watching a romantic movie. Watching a movie is less time to consume and to entertain. It brings out the same emotions in them.

They relate to the characters or the plot of the movie


Women have different tastes when it comes to movies. Some women like plain romantic movies, whereas others like more realistic movies. Stories of young love or lost love spark emotions in women as they relive their memories.

They like to be the character

Women love the fantasy. They like the happy ending in romantic movies. They wish their lives were like that in the movie. They escape from the reality of their real life and gets inside the character or plot in the movie.

Women are always drawn towards romantic movies. They find these movies emotional and lively. They have a great time watching these movies.

Top 5 romantic movies of all times

As the Valentine’s Day is approaching, many of you might be thinking of seeing some romantic movies to get in the mood. Here are the top most romantic movies of all times.

1. Love Actually

This movie was released in 2003 starring Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Kiera Knightley and Liam Neeson. The plot involves lives of eight different couples who are dealing with their love lives.

2. The Notebook

This very successful movie was released in 2004 starring Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. The story is about a young man who falls in love with a rich woman. It is a movie you will fall in love with.

3. Pretty Woman

It is a tale of a millionaire falling in love with a prostitute. It is known as a modern prince and princess’ tale. The leading actors are Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. You will feel like watching the movie again and again.

4. Dirty Dancing

It is a dance classic from 1987. It is the love story of a summer camp dance instructor Johnny Castle and Frances Houseman. It stars Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. The movie has lots of dancing and fashion element in it.

5. Notting Hill

This film was released in 1999 and was a huge hit. It starred Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. The story shows a class between social status and how it affects a relationship. It is a love story of a mega movie star with a simple bookshop owner.
All these movies have been blockbuster hits. People of all ages loved them. They are still being watched again and again, and that’s why they are in the list of the top romantic movies of all times.

4 Iconic movie couples that people would like to see again

Some characters in the movie are so well portrayed that they create a permanent place in people’s mind. In romantic movies, we see couples sharing passionate kisses or romantic gestures. Some of these couples on the silver screen are loved so much that people like to see them again and again. Here is our top pick.

Anna and Will – Notting Hill

Notting Hill has already been ranked as one of the best romantic movies of all times. People have enjoyed this uncommon love story of a famous film actress with a next door guy. The chemistry between the couple onscreen was great.

Vivian and Edward – Pretty Women

This movie is like a fairy tale where a prostitute falls in love with a business tycoon. The romantic moments shared by the two in the movie are memorable.

Elizabeth and Will – Pirates of the Caribbean

The love story of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann has been loved by the fans of this movie. In this movie also, the couples had to break down the differences in social class to get one another.

Rose and Jack – Titanic

This couple has been loved by people of all generations. Their romance has moved everyone watching the movie in the theater. The way the movie ended has formed a long lasting emptiness in the minds of the audiences. The romance is again between two people of different classes, and it has captured the hearts of millions of viewers.

Many people wished they were the characters in the movie and they had found love like the couples in the movie. These couples are always talked about whenever people discuss romantic movies.